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Desmentimos 7 falsas creencias sobre ciberseguridad

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mitos sobre seguridad informática

As far as cybersecurity is concerned, numerous myths and false beliefs have spread that are widespread in the business world and that can lead to serious problems that compromise the integrity of the organization's data.   

There are many threats to computer security that a company must face and managing them properly is usually not an easy task.  

As with other disciplines in constant evolution, in the field of cybersecurity considerable technical background is required to be able to accurately assess the risks to which the assets of our organization may be exposed.  

For this reason, it is logical to consider that the best option is to leave the advisory, consultancy or implementation of effective security systems, which help protect our information systems, in the hands of specialists.  

In order to make certain decisions, it is necessary to have a sufficient degree of technical understanding that allows us to recognize whether the proposed measures are appropriate or not. 

In this sense, the fact of not having previously had major problems related to cybersecurity, or having poor technical advice, can lead us to oversimplify the scope of the solutions applied or to think that we have all the risks well covered., without it being true.  

We are aware of the damage that can be caused to an organization by not knowing these risks and not having an adequate cybersecurity solution that deals with them at all levels, whether they come from the external online environment or arise from activities internal.  

For this reason, in this article we tell you 7 false beliefs about cybersecurity that you must get rid of if you want to take care of the integrity of the digital resources that store valuable information about your business.  

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7 myths about cybersecurity

As we said, this situation of ignorance can lead us to make some unfounded statements such as the following:   

  1. My company has firewalls and I have updated antivirus , so I don't think I need anything else to protect my data.  
  2. I am using a proven cloud mail solution, therefore I am adequately protected against attacks from phishing (phishing).
  3. The Wi-Fi password is very complex. No one will be able to enter my network.
  4. The data that I have is not important to anyone, so I am not a target for hackers. 
  5. With the exception of management positions, the users of the company have very restricted access to the Internet , so the risk is very limited.  
  6. We have an advanced antivirus solution for the servers, which is where the important information resides.  
  7. It's very easy detect a malicious mail.  

It is possible that after reading these seven statements, you consider that they are not important, you may even venture to believe them blindly, but this would be a wrong thought. We assure you that if at any time you were to suffer a cyberattack , reflecting on these points would make much more sense.  

If, on the other hand, they have generated some type of concern or uncertainty, here you will find additional considerations that may help you rethink the approach to cybersecurity in your company.  

Cybersecurity considerations  

  • Undoubtedly, the firewalls and antivirus are important elements for the cybersecurity of your infrastructure, but, of course, they are not the only important thing. Also, if we think about them, both one solution and the other may not be effective depending on other factors that we must consider:
      1. Did you know that most threats cannot be detected through a signature system like the one used by traditional antivirus? Do you know what an EDR is? Does the antivirus implemented in your network have an EDR engine? In this case, an EDR is much more than an antivirus, because it provides continuous monitoring and allows response to complex threats.  
      2. Did you know that, nowadays, almost all Internet traffic travels encrypted? Is your firewall configured to inspect encrypted traffic for threats? If this is not the case, its multiple security features will be of little use, no matter how much budget you have invested in the product you are currently using.  
  • Did you know that the main cloud mail providers suggest using third-party solutions to obtain more effective protection on received messages? Do you think it would be this way if the basic solution already offered us enough security guarantees?  
  • Did you know that wireless connectivity, after the human factor, is usually one of the weakest links in the company's security chain? Do you think that none of the thousands of videos on YouTube teaching how to compromise a wireless network can be used to compromise yours?  
  • Did you know that information about lists of compromised servers or networks is sold in large volumes to other hackers to perpetrate other malicious activities, including ransomware of double extortion that they can use against you?  
  • Did you know that management positions are often the main focus of attention when a spear phishing attack (phishing addressed to one person)? Users with more privileges and access are those who can pose a greater security risk and it is where hackers invest the most effort when preparing an attack.  
  • From where do you surf the Internet the most? From a server console or from users' PCs? The gateway to our data does not have to be made from one of the most precious assets.  
  • Although the techniques to make a phishing campaign evolve and improve remarkably over time, there are people who are well prepared to detect them, but are we sure that all the employees in the organization are also sufficiently prepared to recognize them? It only takes one person to take the bait and all data is compromised.  

If you have read this far, it is possible that your perception of the importance of cybersecurity has changed and, if some of the questions or answers have caused you concern, we will try to ease your way to peace of mind through this ebook.  

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that, with these tips, you will be able to strengthen the computer security of your company.   

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