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Pere Grivé interviewed by Tomás Cascante of "Tertulia Digital" for the IPTV program "Globalizados"

August 14, 2015

The fourth episode of the IPTV program Globalizados, in collaboration with ACCIÓ e IDIGITAL of the Generalitat de Catalunya, was dedicated to iDISC and the environment in which the company conducts its business activities.


The program, anchored by Tomás Cascante, featured success stories of Spanish companies with an international presence.


"Globalizados" welcomed Pere Grivé, CEO of iDISC, to share the company's experience in developing a worldwide influence. The interview focused on the business's internal structure and how it achieved its global influence, while also reviewing the company's history. The interview also featured live video links to representatives in Ohio and São Paulo who offered additional points of view.



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