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“Resfeber” (n)

Definition: The tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey begins.

Origin: from Swedish

Traveling is one of the favorite activities of modern societies. We all travel. We are all tourists at some point in our lives. And when we travel, we expect that our experience is a perfect one, full of authenticity and local flavors. To achieve that, most of us use technology to prepare our journey, by reading reviews on hospitality or checking what we want to visit in a particular place.


Technology empowers travelers and tourists. It brings them closer to the places they visit. Companies and entities are aware of that. Only in Spain, 83.7 million tourists arrived last year, spending 92.28 billion euros. According to MarketWatch, global tourism should grow at a rate of around 3.9% every year and reach around 10,417.15 billion euros by 2025. To be part of that growth, it is crucial to provide visitors with attractive content on websites, apps or social media. Offering a creative, easy and innovative platform where visitors can find local information on a specific place can add real value and help companies and entities to differentiate themselves.


To ensure that online or in-situ content reaches visitors, translation is key. Tourism is one of the industries that needs translation the most. However, translation is not enough. Cultural nuances are just as important. A wrong translation can have a direct negative impact on the visitor’s experience and that is something no one can afford.


It is crucial to have a tourism-specialized translation partner, and iDISC, with long-standing experience in the industry is the perfect candidate. Moreover, as a web and app development company, iDISC can provide a comprehensive solution. Our specialized team of translators, developers and project managers has been helping companies and entities to:

  • Increase international visitors by making content available in any language

  • Reduce risks by working with an agency that knows the tourism industry and has dedicated translation teams

  • Reduce internal time and costs spent on translating or managing translations

  • Create, manage and translate websites and apps with an all-in-one user-friendly solution

Leading companies in hotel reservations, online travel agencies, official tourism agencies, city governments, and tourism promotion associations and consortiums are already benefiting from our services. Lean in and join us!