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Translation of audiovisual material


We will write your multimedia content

We will turn all your multimedia content into text or transcribe hand-written documents into editable forms.

We can transcribe (and translate if you would like):

  • Training videos
  • Product presentations
  • Speeches or interviews
  • Customer service phone recordings 
  • AI engine training materials (voice to text)


In the original language or translated

We will put subtitles on the screen so people can read what is being said in the video. 

You choose:

  • Subtitles in the same language for the hearing impaired or for making it easier to understand the video itself
  • Subtitles translated into another language for people who are not familiar with the language spoken or if it is hard to hear
  • Delivered in the format of your choice with time-synced or non-time synced subtitles of the right length

Dubbing or voice-over

Voices in other languages

You can boost your global audience with our voice-over and dubbing services for the language of your choice, with professionals that will work to fit your language requirements and those of your target market. We can replace the original narration or dialogue with the translated version, or also employ voice-over to leave the original voice at a lower volume. 

Voiceover and dubbing

Dubbing quality

We employ software that makes it easy to sync the sound and audiovisual content, and we also partner with recording studios located in a variety of countries.

Professional voices

We select the right professional human voice for each project and for each budget, and we make sure the style, rhythm and tone of your content are reflected properly. 

Synthesized voices

AI voice creation offers increasingly advanced tools. We will provide you with innovative synthetic voices to enrich any project.

Increase your chances or reaching your audience with better content

Feel free to get in touch for all your multimedia and multilingual communication requirements. Tell us what type of voice acting you need: dubbing, narration or voice-over, and send us the original document used for shooting the video. Don’t have it? Don’t worry, we will transcribe it for you.

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