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Pro AV Specialized Translation Services


“We’re beginning to see an increase in AV awareness, driven by millennials who use video stimulation daily and want it to continue in meetings and (elsewhere).” — AV solutions provider, North America.

Source: AV Magazine

The time when pro AV was only about concerts, events, music or cinema, has gone. Now, audiovisual is present in everything we do and everywhere we go.


The pro AV industry is reflecting this trend and will be valued at $325 Billion by the year 2024, according to the latest AVIXA predictions (2019 AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA) Global Summary).


Having a specialized translation partner is more important than ever, and iDISC is the perfect match. Our specialized team of translators and project managers has been helping pro AV companies to:

  • Increase international sales by making content local in every market

  • Reduce risks by working with an agency that knows the pro AV industry and has dedicated translation teams

  • Improve ability to govern and standardize branding around the globe

  • Reduce internal time and costs spent on translating or managing translations

  • Eliminate issues with managing formats and layouts

  • Decrease the total cost by using previously translated content

Leading LED screen manufacturers, international pro AV distributors and intercom system specialists, among others, are already benefiting from our services. Lean in and join us!