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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.”

Henry Ford

Electric cars are the future. It is widely accepted. In fact, McKinsey predicts that 50% of new cars will be electrified vehicles by 2030. Together with the introduction of autonomous cars, increased connectivity through 5G and IoT, and car sharing, they represent the most important innovations foreseen in the automotive industry over the coming decade.


All these trends will make this industry even more global, and communication even more important. In the factory, having a global supply chain requires effective and easy communication among a brand’s international facilities. On the road, users expect a new car to literally talk to them, through internal software systems that are becoming fully interactive and more complex by the day.


Translation is crucial to reach and accelerate this development. Today, any specialized translation team for the automotive industry needs more than a mechanics background. This may be enough to translate workshop manuals or user guides, but not to understand the newest technology breakthroughs, and to grasp the unique spirit of each badge.


Having a specialized translation partner who understands the complexity of your technology and respects the SAE standards is crucial for the success of your brand. iDISC, with decades of experience in the automotive sector, is the perfect choice. Our specialized team of translators, subject matter experts and project managers has been helping companies to:

  • Increase international sales by making content local, in every market

  • Ensure translation quality standards by following the ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified processes

  • Reduce risks by leveraging years of experience in the automotive industry and making the most of dedicated expert translation teams

  • Decrease the total cost by recycling previously translated content

Many of the world’s iconic automotive brands are already benefiting from our services on a daily basis. Lean in and join us!