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Best translation agencies in Spain: Why choose us?  

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Best translation agencies in Spain

Do you know which is the best translation agency in Spain? According to Aneti (Spanish Association of Translation and Interpreting Companies), there are an estimated 720 professional translation companies, in addition to a wealth of freelance translators.

So… why should you choose us? At iDISC, we stand out as one of the best Spanish translation agencies for several fundamental reasons. This article showcases all our services and the benefits of hiring us as your professional translation company.

How do you choose your translation agency in Spain?

A professional translation company must offer quality translation services that go beyond translating content from language A into language B. In addition to offering accredited professionals who know each sector, they must also have the most innovative and effective translation tools on the market, which optimize the translation process and make it more efficient.

Quality and experience are essential in the world of translation. Look for an agency that has a solid track record. Knowledge of your specific industry or field is a plus, as translators familiar with your sector will better understand the nuances and specific technical terms.

One of the keys to a reliable translation is to have native translators specialized in the target language. Native translators have an in-depth knowledge of the culture and context, which is essential to produce translations that are both linguistically correct and culturally appropriate.

The quality of translation services can be supported by relevant certifications and accreditations. Make sure the agency has certifications, such as ISO 17100 (Translation Services), which guarantees high quality standards and professional processes, or ISO 18587, on Post-editing of machine translation output. Other important certifications are ISO 9001, on Quality Management Systems, or ISO 27001, on Information Security Management Systems. These certifications are an indicator that the agency is serious about the quality and reliability of its services.

Technology plays an important role in translation. Look for an agency that uses computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools and other advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and consistency of translations. These tools help translators maintain consistency in terminology and streamline the translation process, resulting in more accurate translations and faster turnaround times.

We must certainly take advantage of the benefits of technology, but we cannot forget that the tools do not have the broad understanding of context or the creativity of a professional human translator. In the end, it is a matter of finding the right balance between technology and human intervention.

As we saw in our article entitled Why does machine translation need postediting?, translation tools have significantly evolved, yet not enough to completely do without human work. We have no doubt that as all technologies advance, so will translation technology, and the translator’s work will be increasingly focused on proofreading, resolving ambiguities, and providing creativity.  
Therefore, for the time being, it is still essential to work with a skilled team from a professional translation company. The professionals are the ones who will listen to you and will fine-tune the translations so that they meet your expectations.

With more than 35 years of experience, iDISC is a translation agency that helps its clients reach new markets with the best technology and expert human resources.

We are among the best Spanish translation companies

iDISC is a company that specializes in translating, managing and optimizing content for companies. Our teams specialize in a variety of industries and content and are made up of native professionals from the 40+ languages, target markets and language variants we handle.

Our professionals, our management tools, and our certified processes result in optimal and secure handling of documentation, costs, change control and updates.

Our translation agency has never stopped growing. We offer high-quality services because we focus on the needs of our customers and learn from them. This is why we keep up to date with all industry developments and always use the most advanced technology. This constant commitment to excellence has allowed us to position ourselves solidly at the top of the main rankings of the sector, not only among companies in Spain, but also in Southern Europe, appearing in the top 10 of Slator, Nimdzi and CSA Research. 

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Specialized translation agency in Spain

To say that we are only dedicated to translation would not be accurate. Our company not only provides translation services, but also other language services, such as transcreation, subtitling, voice-over, dubbing, transcription and different types of interpreting.

At iDISC, we are experts in technical translations and high-visibility translations, which is vital for companies with objectives beyond their borders.

The fact that we specialize in your industry means you can rest assured none of your content will be lost in translation: your strategy will have the same impact and meaning thanks to our approach. We are not just translators; we are linguists who understand the culture that accompanies each working language, and furthermore, we comprehend the complexity of the world of communication.

Our services cover various sectors in which we are experts. We specialize in:

Which companies order their translations from us?

We work with a wide range of companies that rely on our translation services. They are spread across Europe, the United States, Asia and Latin America and belong to sectors as diverse as automotive, life sciences, education, marketing, software development, manufacturing, electronics and ProAV, tourism and business management. We translate all types of content, from your web pages to product instruction manuals, catalogs, presentations or legal documents.

Throughout our journey in the field of translation, we have built a solid relationship with leading companies in their sector. Our clients rely on us to provide high quality translations that meet their expectations and needs. If you would like to learn more about why you should choose iDISC, a translation company, as your professional translation agency, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are here to help you reach your goals. 

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