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Our strengths


Here at iDISC, we are always available to handle our customers’ requests. Our teams cover a variety of time zones and are ready to respond to your needs at any time. Offering custom-designed services means we can better monitor projects and provide support all the time.


We work to fit the size and turnaround time of each project. Backed by technology, we set up and streamline operations, while we select the right tools to make our translators’ work easier and meet individual customer requirements.

Secure translation

Systematic processes

Here at iDISC, processes are documented and governed by ISO 9001 17100, 18587 and 27001, ensuring consistency and continuity in our services.

Checking and monitoring

Thanks to our system, we can not only check the project status, but also monitor changes in quality and stay in direct and constant contact with translation teams


We protectall your data and content. Our ISO 27001 certification guarantees high security and confidentialitystandards therefore, there will be no leaks or misuse of information.